Historic homes can be a great investment if you adore historical architecture. These houses consist of a royal interior that holds rich ancient stories. However, as the house is very old, you might need to repair and renovate it. Sounds so simple right! However, it is not. Repairing a historic house includes certain restrictions, which you will learn in this article.

Let us first briefly understand how a house becomes a historic home. There are certain principles that the house needs to meet for it to become an official historic home. The building should be at least 50 years old and registered under the National Register of Historic Places. There should have happened any historical event in the house to gain historical importance. Another fact that makes the house historic is its architecture.

One of the most iconic historic houses in America that has reached the market is The Linden Estate for the grand amount of 75 million dollars. Situated on 160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, New York, it is a legendary property of around 10 acres. Dated back to 1899, this historic house has beautiful architecture. Covered with huge trees, Linden is one of the largest estates on Ox Pasture Road.

The designer Steven Gambrel has given an attractive touch to this royal estate by renovating it. The estate consists of 12 large bedrooms, 12 big bathrooms, 03 semi bathrooms, a library with a fireplace, a living room with an alluring ceiling. The estate also includes a separate quarter for staff. From park-like garden to flowing fountain, from the grass tennis court to paddle court, this estate has everything in it. Linden has two pools – an outdoor and an indoor pool. The indoor pool has a mini water slide, which can be a fun spot for your kids.

Restrictions for Refurbishing a Historic Home:

As historic homes are old, some parts of the house may require repairing. However, as discussed above, there are certain restrictions that you need to know for renovating a historic home. They are:

  • You cannot add square footage for additional living space.
  • The windows and shutters of the rooms have ancient architecture, which makes the historic house unique. It becomes hard to find such uncommon pieces now. Therefore, changing them includes a high cost.
  • You will face restrictions if you choose to replace the roof of the house, as you need to utilize materials similar to the original ones. Such materials are difficult to find these days.
  • You will face restrictions if you want to paint the entire historic house or any particular part of it.

Renovations to Historic Home That You Can Make:

You need to understand that when you renovate your historic home, you should focus on the below points:

  • Make sure that refurbishing the historic house should not take away its historic essence. You need to preserve the materials of the property as it is.
  • You need to check if there is any requirement to reconstruct any part of the property and restore its historic significance.

A historic home can be a dream house to many. However, always make sure you do thorough research before investing in it.


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