Winters in Australia are harsh in all parts of the country. Therefore, real estate professionals must think something different to make their property a little more attractive to their potential buyers.

As per the survey report, 50% of the real estate professionals who were questioned agreed that staging any home before sale can always increase the amount offered almost in the range of 1 to 10%. That was irrespective of the seasons too.

Following are few tips for winter home staging that most real estate experts also agree with Home Improvement Guide.

  • Fireplace should be focal point

Are you maintaining a working fireplace? If yes, then play it up with decoration, mantling with pictures of various winter scenes. Even you can light the fire and offer cosy feeling to the interior.

Also, place candles on the top of mantle as well, and need not light them in case they are scented, because that may deter many people from appreciating your ambiance.

  • Keep clear paths

In case ground remains covered with snow, then the simplest and also the most important thing to do is shovel your driveway and sidewalks to keep home’s decks and patios as much clear as possible. Buyers may get sense of true size.

  • Keep mats for the wet shoes

During snowfall the environment turns too messy and hence places a mat outside and also inside, so that it can catch all snow or dirt from shoes.

  • Remember curb appeal

During winter, grass will not be green, neither flower will bloom, but you should not neglect the exterior. Ensure that all leaves are properly swept away and also all branches are properly trimmed.

Also, fountain grasses, may tend to survive during harshest winters too, and plants from cabbage family may add vibrant purple colour to the curb.

  • Store your winter gear

During winter, no one will like to see wet snow dripping from boots just in the entryway. Also, gloves and hats lying around should be avoided. It is important to declutter all year round, and in the winter, all these items will especially be eyesore.

  • Turn on the heater

During winter season, sometimes the temperature in Australia can reach sub zero level too, hence make sure that temperature inside must be cosy enough for enticing all buyers to remain inside the home for little longer time.

  • Use plenty of light

During winter months, usually daylight is less, so it will be more important to turn on all the lights. Switch to any brighter lightbulbs and all light fixtures must be clean. Prefer to keep home well lit, when you are not there too. Your home must attract any passers-by during evening too.

  • Watch the smell

Usually any closed home during the winter can become smelly hence it is important to create little scent appeal. You may consider simmering cinnamon to get pleasant aroma and also increase home’s attraction during cold months.

Try to avoid using air fresheners or any artificial scents, which may create suspicion in the mind of visitors.

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