This writeup will be helpful if you are interested to install LED based parking lot lights. It will certainly be a worthwhile investment to make, as you can make good savings in terms of energy and also at the same time get a better lighting.

Nowadays, LED parking lot lights are mostly preferred as they offer a number of advantages. 

    1. Cost

LED lights consume very less energy and also reduces the maintenance cost. Their useful life is also 100,000 hours. Therefore, you can get significant cost benefits. 

    2. Light quality

Another very important reason for choosing LED lights is because of the quality of light that they can offer. Also, you will find no flickering, noise or heating and also it is safe to our eyes.

    3. Stylish

New LED lights certainly look much more appealing and can offer your area an updated look.

    4. Easier to manage

There will be no frequent need to change ballasts or bulbs and can easily brighten or dim any specific areas. You cannot get such flexibility with any other types of lights. 

    5. Safety

People prefer to choose these LED lights in their parking lot due to their safety. Having LED lights particularly in the parking lot can make people feel much safer and also it can work very well with CCTV. 

Following are few things that you must consider while buying such LED packs for parking lot:

    1. Take the measurement of the area

In order to install LED packs, first thing that you need to see is how much area you need to light. Based on that, you can decide what will be your wattage requirement and help you to decide how many LED packs you need.

    2. How much wattage is needed?

As mentioned above, you will decide your wattage requirement based on the area that you want to light. Based on wattage, you can decide what type of LED pack and how much quantity you need to buy.

    3. Also check the lumens

Basically, you can decide about the illumination either based on the wattage or you must know the corresponding lumens, which is the actual measurement of light output. If you choose 1500 Watt LED then you will get 60,000 lumens.

    4. Decide how many LED light poles to be installed

Often most people face another problem while deciding how many LED lights need to be installed on every pole. The best choice would be to have two LED lights in each of the pole. 

If you want to get more illumination in the area then you can prefer 4 LEDs for each pole.

    5. How much spacing that you need

Another question arises while installing these LED lights is about spacing between each pole. This will depend upon how high you use the light. Higher up you will go, bigger fixture you need to use.

It will not be advisable to go too high as there can be code issues or wind problems etc.  

    6. Consider for photocell

You must also consider for photocell installment so that lights will automatically turn on during dark hours and turn off as day light comes.

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