Often people may be using terms like commercial plumbing and residential plumbing, but is there any big difference between these? 

Particularly, plumbers in Sydney who are dealing with residential plumbing may not even be aware about commercial plumbing.

       1. What really a commercial plumbing is?

When we talk about plumbing industry, there will be 2 major differences in their types of plumbing: 

  • New construction plumbing
  • Service and repair. 

Both the above type of plumbing services can be used for all types of properties, which may be commercial or residential.

When we talk about commercial plumbing then we mean buildings like hospitals, hotels, any small/large businesses, high-rise office building, multi-family units and residential space. 

While function of plumbing remains the same for commercial, business, as well as residential spaces, and there are many differences in use of plumbing, potential problems, and also types of fixtures used for plumbing and piping.

       2. Commercial vs. residential pipes and fixtures

As far as daily usage of plumbing systems is concerned commercial plumbing will have much greater usage as compared to residential plumbing. 

In various commercial buildings, the entire plumbing systems may remain under use more frequently.

Therefore, commercial plumbing often may need a greater number of pipes and also outlets as compared to residential plumbing. All businesses have to provide sinks and toilets for their clients as well as their employees.

For any residential systems usually, you need not have support for such a great demand. Consequently, the durability, size and grading of any commercial pipes or fixtures will differ a lot from residential buildings.

       3. Complexity of various commercial buildings

As far as residential plumbing is concerned, the piping system will rather be simpler to navigate through building carcass.  However, commercial plumbing can be a lot more complicated. 

Also, there can be multiple numbers of floors, toilets, plenty of sinks and almost everything seems to be under more hectic. 

Usually those plumbers who will be serving commercial buildings will understand this complexity, therefore will expect lot more surprises particularly in their jobs as compared to in any single home.

       4. Health issues

As commercial buildings will be used by employees as well as many business clients who may be visiting time to time. 

If it is a restaurant or any other business that also deals with foods, then you need to be very strict about maintaining hygiene, so that no health issues ever come up. 

Commercial building has to follow very strict health related laws and make sure about high hygiene about their plumbing, which creates a very different plumbing set for commercial buildings.

       5. Efficiency

At your home if you have 2 toilets and if one of them is not working then you can use the other, while you wait to get it serviced by the plumber. 

However, in office building, if any bathroom gets clogged then suddenly you will have problem which can affect a lot of people. Therefore, plumbing problems must be fixed immediately.

Though there can be differences between commercial and residential plumbing, it will be best to hire such plumber who has experience in dealing with residential as well as commercial plumbing issues.

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