Covid-19 is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV-2) and is a contagious disease. It spreads by the droplets that comes out when the affected person sneezes or coughs or even talks. The virus can survive for 72 hours on surfaces depending on the material.

By following some preventive measures like washing hands with soap and water and wearing mask, you can reduce the chance of catching this illness. By wearing a mask, you can save yourself and others from being affected by any kind of contagious virus.

KN95 respiratory masks provide excellent protection. It comes with an adjustable nose bridge that fits properly covering your mouth and nose. That makes it suitable for most faces. These filters have the capability of filtering more than 95% of dust, flu and other irritants.

Apart from washing hands and wearing masks, it is advised to keep social distance and self-quarantining if you are diseased with coronavirus. Many people with coronavirus don’t have symptoms but can still spread the virus. That’s why practicing social distancing becomes vital.

With the outburst of the worldwide pandemic disease, coronavirus is creating uncertainties among people. Most of the cities are under lock down throughout the world. The uncertainties about coronavirus has made it an extremely harmful illness. We are worrying what will happen next? That creates anxiety and fear among people.

Here are some tips that help you manage your anxiety and uncertainties.

It is very important to keep yourself updated regarding what is happening locally, so that you can follow the guidelines of your community and keep yourself safe from this harmful disease.

At the same time, you should be beware of misinformation that promotes your fear. It would be the best idea to stick with trustworthy sources like, World Health Organization and your local public health authorities to know the updates.

Limit the number of times you check-up for the updates. Constant updates and feeds that is circulated over social media may fuel your anxiety.

Keep in touch with your family members and friends. Nowadays there are so many ways to connect with anyone around the world like phone, video calls, social media, skype etc., Choose whichever suits your situation.

Keep your conversation just to enjoy that moment by not talking too much about coronavirus. These steps will give you a feeling that you are not alone.

Spend your time in some activities that you are interested in. Do some workouts to keep you fit and have a healthy diet plan.

If you feel very much disturbed about this situation, get proper assistance from mental health professionals.

Never forget that these curfew periods or quarantining are followed to slowdown the spread of this contagious virus and it is not a permanent one.

Follow the measures to save yourself from the risk of coronavirus by following the health guiding principles.

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