If you’re at the point where you want to modernize your kitchen, but don’t want to lose the warmth and charm that makes the room appealing, there is good news. A kitchen upgrade is one of the most popular renovations you can make in the home, and will garner a nice return on your investment when it comes time to sell, so your money will be well spent. In order to get the best return, however, you need to spend some time planning your new space, and make certain you are choosing the best look for your home. You want the new kitchen to be reflective of the home’s general vibe, whether it’s ultra-modern, contemporary, or transitional. But you also don’t want the room to appear cold and uninviting. A good solution might be to plan for your look to be geared more toward a mid century modern kitchen.

What Exactly Is a Mid Century Modern Kitchen?

Mid century modern was a design movement that became popular after the second World War and was expanded on by the renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. It is an American reflection of the international design so many men were exposed to while involved in the war. The American version is slightly more organic and less formal than the European concept and is characterized by ample windows, an open floor plan, and lots of clean simplicity and integration with nature. Think of natural materials, such as post and beam architecture, wood flooring and cabinets, big windows to let in natural light, and you have the essence of mid century modern architecture.

What Are the Other Benefits of Mid Century Modern?

The most important consideration when planning a whole room renovation is you want it to look as if it’s always been a part of the home. A mid century kitchen is flexible and blends well with other styles already in place. The minimalistic style of cabinetry, with slab doors, cuts down on cleaning, since it eliminates extra crevices and grooves. Pairing your earthy-looking pine or oak cabinets with a marble or granite countertop continues the natural feel of the room, while the large windows let in tons of light, making the whole space appear larger and more inviting. This comfortable style will give you the upgrade you want, the functionality you need, while keeping the warmth and charm you desire. Get closer to nature by considering a mid century modern kitchen

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