In your residential or commercial property, will you like to consider polished concrete floor? Nowadays, these polished concrete floors are becoming a very popular choice not only for various commercial purposes, but for residential homes too.

You will find their use not only in various warehouses but also, they are used in basements and garages. If they are done in a proper manner, then they can look really awesome and can be designed as a test of time.

In order to do these polished concrete floors in the right manner, there can be five key considerations that you must factor into during your project:

  • Choose the right kind of mix

With most of the mixes, there are 3 key ingredients:

  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Aggregate which is crushed stone chips.

Right amount of each of the above ingredient used can impact the colour, strength and also the overall appearance of the floor.

Normal mix ratio of concrete is 5:1 :5 for sand, cement, and the aggregate. Also, after using in the right proportion, the kind of sand or aggregate that you have used can also impact the look and appearance of the floor.

So, make sure that you select the right combination of all these ingredients for obtaining the look that you like to get.

  • Pour the concrete in the right way

You can pour concrete floor in many different ways and some of them can be right but a lot of them can be wrong ways too. Their depth, timing and also using a correct level will be the key.

Firstly, it is very important to pour all the concrete immediately after its arrival. Also, ensure that your level is perfectly accurate before pouring. After the concrete will be poured, you should not tamper it, if you want it to be grinded and polished.

  • Use expansion joints for avoiding crack

You should not forget to consider the expansion joints to avoid cracking. Ideally speaking, they can always be placed very close to their entry ways, such that they will always be masked by the door saddle.

In case of larger spaces, these expansion joints are used for dividing the floor into few large squares.

  • Grind and polish for obtaining that shine

Generally, if you prefer to achieve glossier finish, then you need to go much deeper for exposing the aggregate more. You will need to remove about 5mm off from the top and can take few numbers of steps for accomplishing.

To get a similar kind of effect, surface paste can be used too. You must remember that after the floor is grinded, it should be covered for protecting it until your flooring project is done completely.

  • Maintain the concrete floors for its longevity      

Maintenance of concrete flooring is quite simple, which is the reason why concrete floor has become so much a popular option.

You must follow an effective schedule for cleaning and buffing your floor for removing scratches and marks.

You can find plenty of building contractors or professionals available to provide you necessary service to provide you polished concrete flooring in your property.

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