Do you want to upgrade your mattress but not really sure about various components that are used in the mattress? Box spring will be one such component that is used in the mattresses and it is important to know whether you really need them or not.

In this small article, we have tried to explain various situations, so that you can understand is a box spring necessary in your bed.

What is box spring?

Often the name of box spring can be a bit confusing to many of you to really understand what role does it play in your bed. Essentially, box spring is considered as a supportive square which lifts up the mattress.

Nowadays many of the manufacturers of mattresses do not use any box spring too.

However, quite a few of the manufacturers of mattresses still have springs placed inside the mattress with the aim of helping the bed to absorb the weight of the person sleeping on it.

Ultimately, the spring will help to keep the bed sturdy as well as support over time. In case of firmer mattresses, such springs placed inside will make you feel that you are sleeping on much softer bed than what really it is.

Will you really need box spring?

If you follow the simple logic, then often in many mattresses, you may get away by using these springs. Let us say that you do not prefer to choose any box spring in your mattress then in that case what will you put in your bed instead?

Let us try to explore few different options as follows:

  • You may consider putting your bed just on the floor itself.
  • You can build the foundation of your mattress where you may decide to place the bed.
  • Some of you may prefer to suspend your mattress on the air
  • Some of you may like to purchase adjustable base

Finally, unless you find something to be placed in the room which is not aesthetically quite pleasing and also not so comfortable, then most likely you will prefer to invest on box spring.

However, in case, money is not of much concern then you may prefer to look into certain adjustable base meant for your bed.

Adjustable base is the place where you may like to place the bed. This base can also be remotely controlled so that you can bend, flex and lift up the mattress.

This kind of product may not suit very well for a traditional kind of inner spring mattress. Some of you may be inclined to buy any memory foam mattress which will go along with the base.

Few benefits of using box spring

There are few benefits of using box spring in your mattress.

  • Can elevate your bed

If your bed remains elevated then it can be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Can absorb shock

If your mattress is placed on the ground then with spring it can absorb any shock in case you jump on the bed.

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