Flood damage is a horrible disaster that can strike your home. It can be due to burst or leaky pipes, heavy rain, or sewer line issues. In every kind of scenario, the water damage cannot be prevented. However, damage can be reduced a lot calling professional water damage restoration service.

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Before restoration work starts the professionals determine the water damage categories and classification.

Categories of water damages

  1. Water is safe to be consumed like rainwater, sprinkler system or other freshwater sources.
  2. Water has the potential to cause sickness when ingested, touched or inhaled. It means the water has a high level of micro-organisms including unsafe biological matter. It is called ‘Gay water’.
  3. Water has dangerous pathogens and toxins. It includes sewage backup water or water including heavy metals and a high amount of pesticides, so remediation has to be thorough. If the category 1 and 2 are not remediated quickly, then they can transform into category 3.

Classification of water damages

  1. Water saturation is extremely low, and it just gained non-porous surface contact.
  2. Porous surface [gypsum or wooden board surface] gets affected as the water gets absorbed, so the damage potential increases. Thorough drying of the area is a must after water extraction.
  3. When significant water amount gets absorbed by porous materials including carpets, upholstery, walls, and floors. Underground areas can also come under this class.
  4. The intruding waters are hard to remove because of many reasons. It can turn out to be a costly and time-consuming task to get the final results. Special equipment and effort are needed to do the task properly.

Categorization and classification of water damages help the professionals to determine the process and equipment needed to do the job thoroughly.

Equipment needed for water removals

  • Air movers – Small drying machines, which blow air across the area. Air circulation helps to dry space rapidly and efficiently.
  • Dehumidifiers – Dehumidifiers eliminate moisture from the atmosphere. Excessive moisture promotes the development of mildew and mold.
  • Air scrubbers – There are two types of air scrubbers – wet and dry. The first one uses wet filters, which trap airborne particles, while the latter ones have an ionic purifier that performs the same function. Odors and particles get eliminated with air scrubbers.

Water damage cleanup must be taken seriously. Ensure to hire certified professionals because it ensures that you can get a healthy home back. Professionals don’t just have the knowledge and experience but even the necessary equipment to control the damage situation.

Why contact professional water damage restoration services?

Water makes its way in any kind of cavities thus creating saturated trapped pockets. Such areas cannot be detected with naked eyes, but need moisture detector meter. Special restoration process gets used and the technicians follow the OHSA safety rules and guidelines. Some water damage category is hazardous, so the professionals must be trained to work as per the safety standards.

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