Quite often you may need the services of a professional for the installation of new air conditioner and also while replacing your old air conditioner unit.

Usually, an air conditioner is an expensive equipment and hence during air conditioning installation you need to ensure that you are hiring the right HVAC professional who can do proper justice to the whole process.

Therefore, you need to ask the following questions in order to know that they are competent enough to do your air conditioner installation.

  • What kind of air conditioner will be suitable for my home?

Before, installing any new air conditioner, it will be better to ask what kind of air conditioner will best suit your premises. If you install the air conditioner based on this recommendation then he will also take the responsibility of its performance.

  • How to reduce my energy bill for new air conditioner?

Usually, air conditioners draw significant amount of power and as a result your monthly energy bill may go high. A good installer can suggest you the right model which can save your energy bill.

  • Which is best manufacturer of air conditioner?

Since these installers are installing regularly different models of air conditioners and therefore, they are aware about the best performing models and manufacturers of such air conditioners.

Any experienced HVAC professional can suggest you the best manufacturers in the market.

  • How much will cost me to install a new air conditioner?

Before hiring the installer, you must ask him all the charges that you have to pay for the air conditioner installation activities and make sure that his charges are almost the same that is prevalent in the market.

  • Do you offer any warranty for your service?

It is essential that you must hire any licensed installer in order to avail the guarantee that is offered by the manufacturer.

Also, any experienced installer will be confident about his work and will be ready to offer warranty for his services too.

  • Are you licensed for this kind of installation jobs?

It is essential to ask this question because by hiring an unlicensed installer, you may lose your guarantee offered by the Air conditioner supplier.

  • Whether you are insured?

Asking this question will absolve you from the responsibility of any accident or damage that may happen while installing the air conditioner. Prefer not to hire any uninsured installer.

  • How should I maintain my air conditioner for better performance?

It is necessary to keep your air conditioner well maintained in order to give better performance. An experienced installer may offer you few tips to maintain your air conditioner.

  • Will you or any of your technician will check the performance again?

Usually, after the installation work is done the installer may come after few days to check and ensure that the air conditioner is performing satisfactorily. In case, there is any minor issues then they are resolved by them.

  • Can you take maintenance contract?

It is necessary to do preventive maintenance of the air conditioner for its better performance and longer life.

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