Australia has unpredictable weather all over the year. The continent has to suffer because of cold, humid and hot climate every time. Due to the ocean currents, the weather is generally unpredictable. Northern region has humid climate, southern region is always cold and central region is always scorching heat.

In such weather, we might stay safe inside the house, but the home that’s providing you protection has to bear all sorts of wear and tear. With unpredictable weather of rain, snow, moisture, and heat, the exterior walls need complete protection of polystyrene cladding system. It is suitable for both new as well as existing buildings and homes.

Its usage is increasing with every new construction business. It is lightweight material that is applied in walls and trims. It provides thermal features, fire preventing capabilities, termite resistant and high insulation properties. Even though it is lightweight, but it is extremely strong. Cladding system is perfect solution for residential as well as commercial buildings where it is used in profiles, exterior walls, and moulds.

Zaks Render uses cladding system in all their constructions. The business is located in Campbelltown, but services are provided all over Sydney. Before even commencing their job, they send inspectors for reviewing and provide free quotations. Their staff is trained and well-mannered who will assure you satisfactory job.

Here are some advantages of using cladding system –

  • Polystyrene made cladding sheets are lightweight because of the material that is used.  This makes it easy p carry, handle, use and clean in nay ways.
  • Due to its thermal property and high insulation, the sheet uses energy-saving method that keeps warmth inside the building during winter and pleasant during summers.
  • The termite resistant feature keeps it safe from white ants, termite, bacteria, rodents, and fungus.
  • The substance that is used in cladding contains fire retardant property which delays ignition and reduces flammability.
  • The polystyrene material is quite flexible, which means it can be fixed to any surface irrespective of any material being used. Due to its flexibility, it can be adapted to any shape and size which gives the surface a wonderful design.
  • It is moisture resistant, thus when there is prolonged moisture in the surrounding, it still remains in similar shape and size.

The installation of cladding system is pretty simple. Once the building’s frame has been founded, the boards are fixed horizontally with fixing discs and strong adhesive. Windows, doors and other showpieces are fit in after the coating is applied perfectly. There are materials that can be utilised to form a waterproof base. This base helps preventing seepage and dampness during any leakage or rainfall. Thus, the cladding substance is not only waterproof but UV resistant as well.

Most companies provide environmentally friendly cladding sheets. This helps environment and promotes an eco-friendly way of keeping home and environment safe. Compromising on quality because of budget will surely lead to harassment and repairing every year. Thus, it is wise to use best quality and upgraded materials rather than skipping and compromising with cheap material.

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