As a homeowner, you must have certainly faced some of the roof problems in your life at least once. There can be many different kinds of roofing problems and some of them can be minor and few can also be a major one.

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Following are few most common problems that most of the houseowners may have to face in their lifetime.

  1. Roof leaks

Roof leaking is the most common problem that many of you must have faced in your life.

Most of the roof leaking is observed at following places:

  • Under damaged shingles
  • Near the chimney
  • At flashing points
  • At skylights
  • Around gutters
  • In valleys
  • Near vents and pipes
  1. Pooled water

If water gets accumulated then on your rooftops it will form little ponds which may cause problem in longer run. If the roof happens to be flat then then you need to create tapered surface on the roof surface.

  1. Punctures and holes

After few years when roof becomes quite old then certain puncture marks, scrapes, or even holes are found in a roof. Sometime even woodpecker may also drill holes in and damage your roof.

  1. Shrinkage

Due to shrinkage of roof materials lots of problem can develop e.g. cracking, deterioration, and pulling apart of various critical components. Particularly shrinkage will affect roofs which is covered with synthetic rubber membrane.

  1. Cracking and blistering

After certain period of time any roof may develop blisters, cracks and ridges. Depending upon your type of roof that was installed the chances of such damage will largely depends upon.

Those roofs which are made of number of layers cover relatively much flatter surface, which will be particularly more susceptible to such cracking and blistering.

  1. Snow/ice damage

If you are living in an area where there is regular snow fall then after few years, snow or ice will create lots of havoc on your roof.

As the snow gets melted, the water will get seeped below the shingles which may refreeze again due to surrounding temperature. This can create lots of damage to your roof.

  1. Poor installation

If you install your roof by any inexperienced contractor then it will end up as more expensive for you as you may often find certain problem in your roof.

  1. Tree damage

Tree can also be another source of problem for the roof. Often tree branches may rub with the roof which can wear out the top layer of the roof.

Therefore, it is necessary that trees around the house must be regularly trimmed to avoid any tree related problem.

  1. Clogged gutters

Clogged or broken and defective gutters, may also create water seeping in the roof and eventually may damage your roof.

  1. Poor maintenance

Ignoring regular maintenance of roof can often because of concern for roofs. Therefore, to keep the roof in best shape you must stick to proper maintenance schedule.

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