Today several countries in the world during the ban on plastic bags they have started charging plastic bags in supermarkets. People have started using eco-friendly wine totes personalized instead of plastic bags Today. With the increased use of plastic on the earth, it has become very important that we understand how damaging it is to our environment. Several activists are fighting for conserving our environment and saving earth like Greta Thunberg. There are also some countries where plastic bags are used in abundance. People need to know what is the effect of a plastic bag ban on the environment so that they can move ahead and support it.

Pros of plastic bag bans

  • Plastic bag bans have enhanced the economy of the country to a great extent. Today several companies like custom earth promos have started selling reusable custom nonwoven bags to eradicate the use of plastic bags. This is increased the employment for the manufacturers of the reusable bag and is also proving beneficial to the environment.
  • Elimination of plastic bags has reduced the cost of goods. The stores have to add the cost of the disposable bags that will be used in their prices. When you eliminate any plastic bags, the stores have to lower their prices Israel which has the shoppers to gain a profit of 18 to 30 dollars.
  • Unlike reusable bags, plastic bags are not at all biodegradable. Plastic bags when become letter pollute land, air, and water. They also cause a lost lot of damage to aquatic life.
  • Reduce the text money for picking up later. When plastic bags it also reduces the amount of little that happen because of them. With the reduction of plastic bags, the amount of tax paid to pick up litter will be directed to a more important area.
  • Marine life does not be harmed as it was getting harmed by plastics. Plastic is very harmful as several fishes get trapped in them are consumed them considering it as a food and die.
  • Another major effect of banning plastic bags is bad the train it infrastructures will run more efficiently. This is because plastic waste often closes the drainage system which causes unnecessary flooding.
  • Plastic bag bans also reduce the need for petroleum. A lot of energy and resources are used to manufacture plastic and hence reduction of the same will help us to conserve the limited non-renewable resources.
  • Decrease the population of mosquitoes. The discarded plastic bags quite often correct the rainwater and create breeds of mosquitoes which carry deadly virus like West Nile or Triple E.

With all of these benefits of banning plastic, it has become clear to us that how much pollution plastic has passed to or for all the years it has been used. Taking the initiative to reduce the uses of plastic and increase the use of eco-friendly products can help us to save mother earth.

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