If your washroom is looking a little washed-up it might be time for a makeover. Here are some ways you can give a sophisticated and modern look to your bathroom.


For showers nothing beats clean lines and sleek designs. You can add elements of stone, tile, or polished marble to enhance the design and clear glass doors add a feeling of elegance. Using stones or flooring that has some grip to it is preferred to reduce the chance of slipping. If you prefer a tub you can achieve a modern and sophisticated look as well by having a stand alone tub with modern flair like a square shape or sleek faucets.

White is a classic color for both countertops and sinks and stone is definitely on-trend right now. A sleek stone countertop with raised sinks in modern shapes is a great way to carry the look throughout the room. A rain shower head is all the rage, and can add a touch of spa-like luxury to your daily routine.


Storage and cabinetry is a must to keep the bathroom well organized and tidy. You can install modern vanity cabinets to keep items safely and discretely tucked away, or use floating shelves with small bins or baskets to keep smaller items on-hand and organized. A safety tip is to avoid installing cabinets above the shower or tub which presents falling hazards.

Straight lined drawer and cabinet handles are in style right now and the bathroom is a great room to take advantage of the aesthetic because rounded handles are harder to manipulate when moisture accumulates.


If you are ready to make some changes in your bathroom but don’t have the budget or the time to make major changes, you can make small swaps that add up to a big impact. Painting the walls and cabinets neutral colors like white or light gray will make the space feel larger and more contemporary. Instead of installing a new shower or tub you could get one recovered for a fraction of the cost, and something as small as new fluffy towels can revive a tired room.

Decor elements like bamboo rugs, smooth stone centerpieces, new faucets, and new handles for modern vanity cabinets can instantly update the ambiance of a room. Modern looking lighting fixtures and mirrors can also lend a hand to the overall feel of the room and mirrors have the added bonus of helping a space look bigger. If you have outside windows consider frosting the glass rather than using curtains to make the space feel more open. Hanging new towel bars, or even rearranging the furniture can go a long way to help give your bathroom a new and fresh design.

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