The septic system is the most popular treatment system for disposing waste water. It is widely utilized together with the leachfield or drainfield. It is situated at the back of the building to provide several years of effective sewage disposal. It has a hand-off design system because the septic system functions on its own. The normal outline of a new septic construction is the tank, distribution box, and leachfield or drainfield.

The septic system is designed to be watertight and built from plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. You need to provide for a riser that protrudes on the surface to enable regular pump out. Yearly maintenance is crucial for any septic tank to avoid future problems and prevent costly repairs. The septic tank has an inlet that functions as the wastewater passage that comes from the building. On the other hand, and outlet pipe is a means of access for the waste that is going to the drainfield. The design of the inner section of the septic tank allows the scum that is on the top layer to float. The sludge settles at the bottom layer while the effluent or liquid is found at the middle layer and goes to the leachfield.

Digesting the sludge or scum occurs with the assistance of the anaerobic bacteria or natural bacteria that helps in the wastes’ digestion process.  It breaks down the solid particles and transform it into liquid that is directed to the drainfield. However, with the introduction of newer products in the market that have anti-bacteria ingredients that could go down the drain, the bacteria are killed and are unable to do their work of waste digestion.  However, there is a bacteria shock treatment that could be placed in the septic system to replace the reducing natural bacteria. This bacteria shock treatment performs the required procedure in the process of digestion.

The distribution box acts as a thing that is between the drainfield and septic tank. The overflow from the septic tank comes here before being distributes to the leachfield. The distribution box is constructed from concrete and needs to be watertight. The drainfield or leachfield comprises of perforated pipes that you literally lay on the ground and provide a stone base to them. The effluents are drained at the perforations which goes to the soil and to the ground as clean water.

Septic tank systems are highly effective when it comes to handling wastewater. However, you must maintain your septic system well if you want it to remain at the top condition. Monitor sludge and scum on a yearly basis. If you feel that it is time to pump it out, you must remove it immediately to prevent further damage. You also need to avoid the use of excessive water as it can lead to flooding and overwork your system. Be keen with the cleaning products that you are using because some of the anti-bacteria commodities will harm the normal functionality of your system. Make sure you pay attention to all these factors during new septic construction.

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