Over time, the ground around or under homes will shift and settle. It’s the natural movement of the earth, and houses and other structures are designed to withstand some shifting and settling. But this can be problematic when the ground shifts and settles a little too much under driveways and sidewalks. The dirt moves creating air pockets leaving not enough support for these heavy pieces of concrete. As a result, the concrete will crack, or pieces around edges will breakaway.

If you have cracks spreading through your concrete driveway, sidewalks, or patio, there is a solution that does not involve jackhammering out the concrete and pouring new concrete areas. There are fast setting concrete mixes that can be applied to cover the unsightly cracks.

A Simple Solution is Always the Best Solution

Depending on the size and severity of the cracks, concrete repair fillers are available that form a tight bond to existing concrete. Standard concrete will not bond to existing concrete surfaces. You can’t mix up a bag of new concrete and pour the new wet cement over the cracks and divots. There’s no bonding agent in standard concrete. As concrete dries, the wet concrete holds together well into a strong mass, but if you poured wet concrete onto dry concrete, the wet concrete would dry and then flake off the old concrete.

As there seems to be a solution for everything these days, fast setting concrete repair fillers will fill in those cracks and bind to the existing concrete. These fillers are a preblended, fast setting mixture of concrete, sand, and specially formulated additives with bonding polymers.

Filling in Cracks

Once applied over a crack with a trowel, the filler sets in 20 minutes. In four hours, you can walk over the area, and in 24 hours you can drive over the surface. To apply the filler, you need to clean up the crack. With a hammer and chisel break away any loose concrete in the crack. Then use a heavy-duty broom or leaf blower to clear away any dirt, sand, gravel, or other debris. Then wash the surface with a hose.

While wearing work gloves, spread the filler over the crack pushing it with the trowel as far into the crack as possible. Then with the trowel push the filler even deeper into the crack and wipe away excess concrete filler on the surface.

Fast setting concrete mixes are a simple solution for filling cracks in concrete sidewalks and driveways, and much, much less expensive than jackhammering up a part of the driveway or sidewalk and pouring new cement.

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