Sofa is an important furniture item that not only helps in organizing the seating arrangements, but also in improving the home interiors. However, buying a new sofa can be a daunting task, with so many options, styles, size, features, trends, and colors available in the market.

It can be hard to purchase the right one for your home if you are not aware of what exactly to look for. If you make any wrong purchases, then you might end up ruining the interiors of the room.

Size matters:

It is important to buy the right sofa, as per the specific requirements of the room. It should maximize the utility, while at the same time, help in making the room look great.

If you buy overly big furniture items, them you will feel cramped for space everyday. Similarly, if you buy too small sofas, then you might not have adequate sitting spaces in the room.


Next comes choosing the fabric. While most of us almost pay no attention to the fabric, it is one of the most important parts of the sofa. Both leather and fabric ones have its equal amount of advantages and disadvantages.

Gone are the days, where most of the people used to go for leather ones. With the recent revolutionary fabric in the market more and more millennials are shifting towards fabric sofas. In this article, we will understand the benefit of fabric sofas.

Colors and patterns

Fabric sofas are an absolute favourite with the interior designers. Most of the tasteful interiors now have fabric sofas. The main and foremost reason for buying a fabric sofa is that they come in array of colors and patterns. Hence, there is a higher chance that you will land the best sofa as per the style of your room.

Also, furniture stores in Portland offer customization on design. You can discuss with them in house professional and choose a customized design for your living room. Additionally, there are covers available for fabric sofas which are easily available in all shapes, online. Therefore, you can change the look of your sofa set as per your wish and occasion.

Comfort ability

No one can ignore comfortability. After a long hectic schedule, you may want to crash on the sofa for some time, relax and then freshen up. Fabric sofas are one of the cost sofas that you can find. You can curl on them in the rainy season, in winter or in summer as well. Nothing is equally comfortable and relaxing than a fabric sofa.

Easy maintenance

A lot of fabric is removable and easily washable. You can open the covers and mildly wash them in your washing machine. This will ensure fresh, crisp and clean look throughout the year. Moreover, these days the fabric used in these sofas are stain resistant which means any stain is easily removable.

This makes them extremely durable for anyone, even for a newly married wife. Hence, this can be a perfect choice whether you have kids or pets at home. Additionally, if you feel to get a professional help to clean your sofa, fabric cleaning cost is less than any other material. You can also get great off seasonal discount.

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