Presence of a fireplace in a house enhances the visual appeal of a place. Whether it is kept in the outdoors or indoors, they make a style statement. Fireplaces can be enclosed in marble, tile or stone that gives a contemporary touch to a place. Let us look at some of the modern designs of fireplaces that must be incorporated in your home.

These are Cantilevered Home in the Mountains

This is a modern customized fireplace design that serves multi-purpose cabinet soldered from pieces of hot-rolled steel. Besides storing fireplaces, they also hold television and serves as a handrail for the stairs.

Urban Americana is one of the best places to find a vast range of mid-century fireplaces. They feature various beautiful and authentic fireplaces for houses spread throughout the Long Beach area. At our warehouse, you can find vintage and classy fireplace designs that bring warmth, style, and color to your space.

A Group of Cabins That Makes a Simple Vacation

In this design, three small-sized pavilions are joined by a deck that forms a summer retreat. It balances privacy with amazing panoramic view in less than nine hundred square feet. The three pavilions comprise of places that offer the comforts to any home such as a kitchen, dining area, and living space.

A collection of vintage pieces include leather-based lounge chairs and furniture from Belgium. The chimney of a modern fireplace stretches into the tall ceilings. Noguchi table lamps and Bertoia wire chairs give an exemplary look to this place.

iT House

This design comprises of living room, chair, concrete floor, and a hanging fireplace. The iT House provides raw industrial aesthetics along with the green design. A suspended fireplace that provides a common fireside for family and friends to gather around is best option for a living place with floor to ceiling windows.

Industrial Loft in a Flour Mill

The contemporary fireplace is situated at the chimney heap of the building. A sculptural fireplace is created with the help of exposed concrete, shou sugi ban wood and steel for the fireside seat.

A Playful Summer Home

The core of this type of open-plan home is the towering chimney. It is cladded in the double-long, and thin bricks. This chimney holds three fireplaces, a pizza oven and a traditional oven that are vent into 3 distinct flues. All these fireplaces emerge in the form of a distinctive architectural statement.

Floating House

This design is characterized by a living room, a medium hardwood floor, and a standard layout fireplace. A fireplace is constructed with local granite that marks the central point between a bathroom and two bedrooms. The walls and floors are enveloped inside warm-hued Douglas fir.


Fireplaces occupy the most vital aspects of a place. Not just they look appealing but also provides the much-needed heat in the chilly weather. They are ideal to make your surroundings cozy and comfortable. These interesting designs will definitely catch the attention of people.

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