If you have several questions in your mind about ductless heat pumps, here we will answer your Frequently Asked Questions about Ductless Heat Pumps;

What is Ductless Heat Pumps?

Ductless heat pumps are cooling and heating systems, which working efficiently as mini-splits. About thirty years ago, Japan introduced these amazing mini-splits. It changed the concept of people about cooling and heating their business places or homes.

How does it work?

Ductless systems are easily installed heating and cooling system which work similar to the split units. They are safe to use and quiet in working. It has three main components; indoor unit, outdoor unit, and remote control. The indoor and outdoor units are connected to each other via bundle of cables, whereas remote control selects the operations of ductless system.

Why does it use heat pumps?

Heat pumps do not actually use heat instead they consist compressor and refrigerant. The heat pumps extract heat from outside air and then convert it into cold air via refrigerant. Mostly, they are used in summer, when they find it easier to get hot air via outdoor unit. Also, every home does not has ducts and that is why ductless heat pumps are designed ductless.

What applications does ductless heat pump support?

Ductless heat pumps’ main operation is to provide sufficient cooling or heating, as per customers’ instructions. These mini-splits are applicable to all homes. Single-zone serving ductless heat pumps provide heating or cooling to the main area of the house, and get electric source from electric baseboards of the home. Furthermore, ductless heat pumps are perfect for offices, schools, shops, and homes. They provide sufficient cooling in summer, and heating in winter.

Should I remove Old heaters?

Ofcourse, you can replace your old heaters with you new ductless heat pumps. Heat pumps are mini split system which work efficiently and maintain the room temperature quickly. Furthermore, they are safe in use that is why no need of old heaters now. Enjoy heating with ductless heat pumps.

How to select the Functions?

On purchasing ductless heat pumps, the users get a remote control, similar to the remote control of your television. You will see several buttons on the remote, if you do not know its use, read the manual and understand how to use the remote. You can select different modes, fan position, and other operations for ductless heat pump via your remote control system.

How to maintain Ductless heat Pumps?

Ductless heat pumps are easy to use, and similarly easy to clean. It consists of filters on indoor unit, which are easy to remove. After every two weeks, you need to remove the filter, and clean it properly. This will keep your heat pumps clean and efficient.

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