Whenever you are considering hiring new HVAC service personnel for installing a new unit, doing preventative maintenance, or fixing broken equipment, you may have many questions to ask.

Here in this short article, we are going to provide few good questions that you can ask to HVAC service Aurora CO and also what honest answers that you must get from them. If you find the right answer only then you may go ahead with the service provider.

  1. How long my new AC is going to last?

Usually, life of most of the air conditioners are about 15 – 20 years but few conditions may shorten their life. If the surrounding atmosphere is full of smog or salt air then corrosion and debris build-up can damage the parts.

Neglect is another most common cause that reduces life of your AC. Your AC needs regular cleaning and maintenance to get maximum life expectancy. Therefore, you need to have proper maintenance contract with certain certified HVAC professional.

2. Does my spending money on the regular maintenance pay off?

With regular preventative maintenance, your equipment will remain well cared and also you will experience very few breakdowns and that can prevent costly repairs as compared to uncared and unmaintained AC.

In addition to that, it can also help you in saving money for your energy bills. If debris and other deposits gets build up on your AC coils, fans and other parts, then the metal corrodes, that leads to leakage of refrigerant and eventually failure.

3. Can I use my own maintenance staff for doing HVAC cleaning?

Yes, in few cases you can use your people to clean the AC especially if it is under very heavy load, and cleaning periodically the dust on the coils with your crew is a great idea. Ensure that, no water is used for electrical components.

However, in spite of that you still need your system cleaned minimum twice in a year by a professional who may use chemical cleaners for removing scale and build-up. Also, they can clean those parts which are dangerous for any untrained people.

4. My AC has again broken down, will it be worth repairing or should I replace it?

This will depend upon the age of the unit. If it is above 10 years old that has history of problems, then it will be cost-effective by replacing it.

Are you doing regular maintenance? If your unit has regularly been cleaned and properly tuned up, parts are in very good condition, then it is more likely that it will be better to keep it much longer.

If the problem is in the compressor or having leaky coils, then repairing will be too expensive but for electrical problem, repair may be quite simple and inexpensive too

5. Every summer my electric bill goes too high when AC is running – how to reduce it?

Following are few ways to improve energy efficiency of the AC

  • Change filters regularly
  • Do preventative maintenance like coil cleaning, fan blades cleaning, and using programmable thermostat.
  • Adjust temperature by just few degrees

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